Whether you’re buying Gig Harbor real estate and moving to a different home, or moving somewhere else in the country, there’s nothing easy about selling a home. At Team Aro, we know that it can be difficult and stressful to put your home on the market, and we work to minimize the stress that comes along with selling your home.

As Gig Harbor’s premier real estate team, we know that you don’t just need any Realtor® — you need an agent who is as dedicated to your success as you are. When you hire us, you’re choosing to work with a team who takes pride in their work, and who will work tirelessly to help you sell your home for a favorable price. You don’t have to take our word for it, though: read testimonials from past clients to see how positive your experience will be!

Some of the other benefits of working with an experienced real estate team include:

  • Pricing: Pricing your home accurately can be difficult. An initial price that’s too high can deter buyers from reaching out, while pricing too low could make them wonder if something’s wrong with the property. We’ll help you set a fair, favorable price for your home based on data from the market.
  • Listing: Putting your home on the market is a lot of work. Our real estate team knows how to effectively market properties, and we’ll showcase all of your home’s best features to maximize your chances of a quick sale.
  • Negotiating: Negotiating is difficult, and many people find it uncomfortable. Instead of negotiating with another agent on your own, let a Realtor® from Team Aro negotiate a fair price on your behalf.
  • Tours: Tours can be one of the most difficult aspects of selling a home, especially if you work full-time and aren’t home during the day. Buyers will want to see what your property looks like before they make an offer, and working with an experienced agent allows you to go about your day without having to worry about showing people around the property.
  • Inspections: Your home will likely need to be inspected before you close the deal. We know that you have a busy schedule, and we can handle the scheduling and help you deal with any issues that may arise.
  • Paperwork: Real estate paperwork can be overwhelming to deal with on your own. Instead of trying to navigate your way through a sea of legal documents, let Team Aro help you through the entire process! We’ll make sure that you’ve checked the necessary boxes and signed on the required lines, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Are you ready to sell your home? Our veteran Realtors® are here to help get you what you deserve for your home. When you choose Team Aro, you are choosing a smoother transition with a team who has your interests in mind. Find out how we can help you sell your home and help you get the price you deserve. Contact us today by scheduling a consultation below and find out more about our real estate team.

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