On March 29, 2021, the new fast ferry service from Kitsap County Transit is set to begin operation! What does this mean for residents in Gig Harbor and Port Orchard? It means that, after nearly five years of planning and implementing the necessary systems and equipment, commutes from Kitsap peninsula to Seattle are about to get much, much faster. 

The new fast ferry transit system is actually comprised of three new routes, and many residents are excited to finally see the ferry system they asked for several years ago finally come to fruition. Team Aro and our experienced Realtors® are likewise enthusiastic about this new way to get across the water, and can’t wait to show how it helps the hundreds of families we’ve found homes for discover new ways to travel around the region.

Crossing from Southworth to Seattle

At the time of this writing, the travel schedule for the fast ferry program is still awaiting its final approval from Washington State Ferries, the state department which owns and operates the port of Southworth dock. However, it is believed that there will be at least four round-trips in the morning and five round-trips in the evening when the program begins at the end of March. 

The ferry in question is a new 250-passenger bow-loading M/V Enetai, although there will be a passenger limitation of 60 occupants to be in compliance with Washington state COVID-19 restrictions. The crossing time from Southworth to Seattle is expected to be a quick 26 minutes, almost three times faster than previous routes. 

This comes as a welcome change to residents of Port Orchard and Gig Harbor who previously endured a nearly 2-hour long ferry ride when commuting to the Seattle city center. This faster service also opens up some great opportunities for new and current homeowners on the peninsula. One of the biggest selling points for living in these communities is affordable real estate, especially compared to coastal areas of Seattle and Tacoma. In Port Orchard or Gig Harbor, you can have a bigger house, a scenic waterfront experience, and easily commute to job opportunities in Seattle’s urban center, which was previously a barrier to some residents because of the distance. 

How the Fast Ferry Benefits Residents of Kitsap County

What’s so great about having a fast way to get from your home in Gig Harbor or Port Orchard to Seattle and Tacoma? For starters, you can still live in the picturesque natural waterfront communities you love, while being only minutes away from the thriving cultural center of the Pacific Northwest! We love the natural beauty of our state, and most of us want to do what we can to help preserve that natural wonder. A big part of this is cutting down on individual commuting and instead relying on fast, safe mass transit like the new fast ferry system. Commuting takes time and money, and considering the amount of money you’ll be saving by riding the ferry that you otherwise would spend on fuel — this will pay for itself in no time! Public transportation is better for your time, your wallet, and your environment, and thanks to the new Kitsap Fast Ferry, public transportation just got a whole lot more convenient. 

Find Your New Home in Kitsap County

Team Aro has a passion for Kitsap county — especially the communities of Gig Harbor and Port Orchard. If you’ve been considering a move to the peninsula, contact our team of friendly and experienced Realtors®! We’d love to answer any questions you have regarding the neighborhoods, communities, and of course, local transit options of the area. When the time comes for you to find your new home, call Team Aro!