Beautifully staged living room and kitchen area

Are you selling your home in Gig Harbor? One of the simplest ways to sell your home quickly (and for the best price) is by utilizing the practice of home staging! Staging presents your home in the absolute best light possible so that buyers can see all of the wonderful potential that is possible in your home — all without having to resort to extensive and costly remodels or renovations. First impressions are important, and with home staging, you’ll be sure to make the best first impression possible and shorten the length of time your home is on the market. Combined with the expertise of Team Aro, you can sell your home quickly and for a price that makes everybody happy.

Homebuyers Tend to Know What They Want

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) makes a strong case for the importance of staging when selling your home. Data collected from home sales in recent years indicates that about 75% of all homebuyers already know what they’re looking for in a home before they ever set foot in a property for sale. By staging your home, you’re making it exponentially easier for potential buyers to recognize the features they’re already looking for. The reality is that your home probably has features that buyers are looking for — but they may not be recognizable at first glance because they can’t visualize the space beyond what currently exists. Staging emphasizes these desirable features and makes your home that much more appealing to buyers. 

Focus on Potential

While living in your home, you’ve designed everything to accommodate your tastes and preferences — as well you should! It’s been your home, after all. However, when the time comes to sell your home, you need to shift your perspective to that of a potential buyer. It can be difficult not to take it a little personally when staging requires that you do away with some of the choices you’ve made. However, the idea is to appeal to a homebuyer’s sensibilities, not your own. A staggering 83% of homebuyer’s agents reported to the NAR that staging made it easier for buyers to visualize properties as a future home, and helped significantly to draw in buyers for a personal home showing after seeing the staged home online. 

5 Tips for Staging Your Home in Gig Harbor

Prioritize the Key Spaces of Your Home

Staging doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do a total makeover of every single room in your home. While you should stage in such a way to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible, it’s important to primarily focus on some key spaces. First and foremost, according to most buyers, is staging in the living room, followed closely by the master bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining room. Less important to buyers are staged bathrooms and guest bedrooms. Knowing this, you can prioritize where to put the most effort into staging your home for the best results. This is especially helpful for sellers who are working on a limited budget and need to set certain priorities. You should always stage the living room, but you may not need to put quite as much emphasis on the laundry room or the kids’ rooms — although you may want to consider painting over the neon pink wall or mural of skulls that they insisted on.

Staging Can Increase Your Home Value

This might be the most compelling argument for home staging presented by NAR. A full quarter of buyer’s agents reported that homes that utilized staging increased their offering price by as much as 5% compared to homes that were not staged. Similarly, 22% of seller’s agents reported the same numbers or even as much as an increase of 10%. That’s nothing to shake a stick at! What’s also compelling is that there were zero reports made to the NAR that staging a home negatively impacted the final offering price. This means that by staging your home for selling, you only have something to gain and that it is certainly worth the extra effort. 

Staged Homes Sell Faster

The last thing you want when you’re selling your home is to end up as a stale listing. The longer that a home remains on the market, the more difficult that home can become to sell. This is all the more reason to do everything you can to get traction on your sale in as few days as possible. The good news is that only 12% of home seller’s agents reported that staging had no effect on the length of time a house was on the market, with 25% reporting a significant and substantial decrease in the listing duration. This is due to all of the factors we’ve explored — when buyers see the potential in your home and can see themselves living there, they’re more inclined to act quickly to make the sale happen. You’re helping buyers make a quick decision by limiting the amount of imagination they need to use to see the potential of your property.

Selling Your Home in Gig Harbor? Follow the Aro!

We know how difficult it can be to sell your home on your own. Between putting your home on the market, keeping up with inquiries, organizing showings, and handling paperwork, selling your home in Gig Harbor can be a full-time job! Let Team Aro walk with you through the entire process. We believe that your success is our success! Contact our real estate team today to get started on your home selling journey in Washington.