Before buying a house or property, it is advised to hire a home inspector to evaluate the property and make a report. Team Aro realtors, located in Gig Harbor, Washington, offers the best property advice. The real estate team also buys and sells different real estate properties around Washington.

Purpose of an Inspection Report

Documents the Scope of the Inspection

This highlights the extent of different things mentioned in the inspection report. In addition, it explains what is included and excluded in the report.

Reports on Observations Made

This includes notes of what was observed by the home inspector. This helps in decision-making on whether to purchase or decline.

Reports on Findings

It outlines, in summary, all that was found in the inspection. The home inspector will explain the different advantages and disadvantages of the home from the observations made.

Information Included in an Inspection Report

Home conditions

The report contains home conditions such as paint used and different systems like plumbing, electrical, and the type or design of roof present. In addition, other structural features such as the foundation are explained in detail.

Ventilation Heating and Air Conditioning

The inspector will look for the presence of air conditioning systems and make sure they function well. If repair is required, it will be recommended in the report.

Fire Safety

The inspector will report on the fire rating and whether smoke sensors function properly. If the garage is attached to the house, the report will explain the best fire insulation method.

Room Sizes

The sizes of each room will be explained in detail for you to decide whether it suits you.

Water Heating

Lastly, the inspector will check on the age of the heaters and recommend whether replacements are required.

The Importance of an Inspection Report

To Make Cost Evaluations

It helps you analyze all purchases and replacements required before moving in. An analysis is then made to know whether it is worth buying the home at the price offered by the real estate agent.

Avoid Unseen Problems

Problems with systems such as air conditioning and plumbing are identified before moving in and repaired. The inspector will explain the extent of damage and advice on the best action to take.

Identify Major and Minor Defects

Structural defects in the foundation and walls can be identified, and if they pose a danger, the inspector will report them. As a result, the buyer may avoid purchasing the house or request the seller to make adjustments to the original price.

Make Adjustments Where Needed

Adjustments can be made depending on the number of defects found by the inspector. In addition, the report explains the type of paint used, giving you room to change if it does not suit your taste before moving in. This also applies to the repair of faulty systems or parts.


Moving to a new home with zero defects can be achieved by hiring an inspector. Team Aro is a local real estate agency that works hard to ensure you get the home of your dreams hustle-free. We are located in Washington and are always ready to help you get an inspection report of any home you desire.