Later this month, a plastic ban will go into effect in Gig Harbor. Like most of the community, the realtors at Team Aro are preparing for this ban, and we are excited to help our neighbors adjust to this new way of life as we make our own adjustments.

In today’s blog, we will discuss some of the home features that might make your post-ban life easier. By doing this, we give you some things to consider when buying your next home in Gig Harbor.

Home Features to Help You Adjust to The Ban

The first thing most people think about when a plastic ban is discussed is how it will affect their grocery-shopping trips. While plastic bags have a detrimental effect on the environment, they are typically useful for grocery shopping. The ban will cause us, as a community, to adjust the way we do our grocery shopping.

At Team Aro, this is the first thing we thought of too, and we realized that some specific home features could help you adjust to your new life with paper and reusable bags. So, we came up with a small list of features. Remember to think of these you when buying a new house so you can easily adjust to the plastic bag ban in Gig Harbor.

Possibly the most important home feature to have in order to make your new grocery-shopping routine easy is a garage. If you don’t currently have a garage, then you probably realize the difference it could make in your shopping trips. Instead of needing to walk across the yard, up some stairs, and haul groceries through your house (which gives more time for bags to break), a garage lets you park and then usually take groceries directly to a kitchen, freezer, or pantry. This saves a lot of time while grocery shopping.

As a result of the plastic bag ban, many people will start to use reusable bags or paper bags. Sometimes these types of bags can be hard to manage. To make life easier, you could use milk crates or cardboard boxes to carry groceries into your house. But between shopping trips, where do you keep the milk crates and cardboard boxes? You can probably see now that a storage room is another home feature which could make shopping without plastic bags much easier.

One more crucial home feature to help you adjust to the plastic bag ban is a solid laundry unit. Shoppers using reusable bags would be wise to wash the bags every once in a while to ensure that the bags are safe for the transportation of food. While the vast majority of homes come with a laundry unit, this makes it even more crucial to get a home with a laundry unit set up to meet your needs.

Remember to Use Team Aro

Our team of real estate agents is excited to help Gig Harbor adjust to this new, slightly different way of life. All the residents in the Northwest know how beautiful and green it gets in the summer. We hope our community has taken steps to allow us to strengthen that beauty and make it last for generations to come.

Team Aro is dedicated to the Gig Harbor community. We love it here and we enjoy setting new homeowners up for success in the community. If you choose to move to Gig Harbor or buy a new home here, give us a call to see how we can help.