One of the best parts about living in the Pacific Northwest is getting the chance to see the lush, green landscape in the summer months. Between the trees, vegetation, wildlife, and the awesome views of the ocean, the South Sound truly offers some of the best sites for nature lovers. Luckily, Team Aro has real estate listings that allow nature enthusiasts in Gig Harbor to enjoy the beauty of the Northwest in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

In today’s blog, we will showcase The Greens, which is a low-impact development in Gig Harbor. Read on and watch the video below to learn more about The Greens and how Team Aro can help you find the perfect home for your needs. When you work with our team, it becomes easy to find eco-friendly housing that you will feel comfortable in.

The Greens 🌲 in Gig Harbor

The Greens is a gorgeous development located in Gig Harbor North. The houses in the development give a private, peaceful feeling to residents without sacrificing access to shopping, hospitals, or the wonderful dining options found in Gig Harbor. The houses in The Greens were crafted with an elegant design that you are sure to love.

All the houses located in The Greens are move-in ready. They also have stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, large windows, and vaulted ceilings. The Greens was designed to be ornate and sustainable amidst the natural landscape of the Northwest. With a development like The Greens, it is easy to find an amazing house for your family to call home.

The houses in The Greens range in sizes and specific designs, with some one-story houses and some two-story houses. All of the houses for sale in The Greens feature the elegant master bedroom on the first floor of the house. This community is truly a natural oasis nestled in Gig Harbor.

Eco-Friendly Houses

All of the houses in The Greens are built with sustainability and the environment in mind. To this end, the homes are not built with traditional cement foundation. Instead, they use a pin pile foundation system which allows water to drain naturally and keeps the soil in its natural state. Building a house with a pin pile foundation does not require excavation, which means that the process of building houses in The Greens did not disturb the environment as much as traditional construction would have.

The community features plenty of open spaces to help the natural vegetation and wildlife thrive. In addition, The Greens has plenty of rain gardens to help mimic the native forested landscape and keep the natural beauty intact. The builders thought of everything when crafting this community and they went to great lengths to establish a development in which humans and the natural environment can live in harmony.

The builders of The Greens also took the opportunity to create roads and driveways with surface materials that allow stormwater to drain into the ground. This helps ensure that the natural ecosystem continues to thrive and that stormwater is not kept from returning to the ground due to concrete or asphalt. By crafting The Greens with an emphasis on natural drainage, native vegetation, and the sustainability of the ecosystem, the builders made sure that houses in the community would be eco-friendly and keep the Northwest green.

Small, Peaceful, and Private Community

Although The Greens was built with the impact on the environment in mind, the builders of these homes did not sacrifice human comfort. The community is private and gated with plenty of open spaces between houses. When combined with the natural landscape, the privacy and open spaces give The Greens a peaceful and secluded character.

Despite the secluded feelings given by The Greens, the community is still close to amenities. If you buy a house in The Greens, then you will be just a short drive from Gig Harbor’s downtown. With The Greens, you can get the best of both secluded life and the many amenities that come with living in Gig Harbor.

When it is completed, The Greens will feature 22 homes, making it a small community perfect for families. Between the open spaces, the small community, the easy access to Gig Harbor’s amenities, and the privacy that comes with living in a gated community, The Greens offers a peaceful lifestyle. These newly constructed homes allow you to live comfortably and be immersed in the gorgeous landscape of the Northwest simultaneously.

Home Design

The homes in The Greens are designed in a way that takes advantage of the luxuries of modern house designs. They feature wood-wrapped windows and doors as well as engineered hardwoods. One stunning part of these homes is the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces that can be found within each house. These fireplaces make feeling at ease the standard in The Greens.

The houses make use of dovetail, solid-maple cabinets to give the kitchen a practical and elegant character. Extra counter space can be found on the large accent islands in the houses, and the walk-in pantry gives plenty of storage space for the cook in the family to utilize. Between the beauty of the cabinets and the practicality of the design, the kitchens in The Greens are something to behold.

All of the ornate design of the houses in The Greens comes together in the master suites. As previously mentioned, you do not need to take the stairs to the master bedroom in any of these houses. The master bedroom encapsulates everything great about The Greens into one area, giving you the luxury of the community in a single space. Feel free to visit our page focused on The Greens to see pictures of houses in the community.

Get Into Your Dream Home With Help From Team Aro

Team Aro is thrilled to represent The Greens. We recently hosted the Grand Opening party for the community, and six of the 22 houses have already been sold. Be sure to call soon to get a chance at owning a home in The Greens.

If you think The Greens sounds like a fantastic place to live, then contact the Realtors® at Team Aro. We can help you find the right home for your family in The Greens or anywhere in Gig Harbor. Please feel free to explore our site to see more real estate listings. When you work with us, we make finding the home of your dreams our priority.