You may not realize it, but June 13th marks the annually celebrated National Weed Your Garden Day. At Team Aro, we know that a weed-free garden and yard will set real estate listings in Gig Harbor apart from the rest! If you are selling your house this summer, then National Weed Your Garden Day would be the perfect time to get your yard ready to show.

In today’s blog, we will give you some tips on getting your yard in tip-top shape prior to showing your house. Keep reading if you are thinking of selling your home this summer and you would like to set your house apart from the rest on the market. Team Aro is here to help you find the right buyer when you do get ready to sell.

Get the Right Tools

Weeding a garden without the proper tools can be infuriating and painful. So to make the most of National Weed Your Garden Day, you are going to need the right tools.

The first and most crucial tool you will need is a pair of gardening gloves. These can be picked up locally for just a couple of dollars, and they make the process of weeding much more enjoyable, especially if it is your first time doing so.

If you are weeding a flower patch, a garden, or around bushes, you will want a garden hoe. A garden hoe keeps you from continually bending over or getting down on the ground. If you have bushes, then we suggest picking up a simple hedge trimmer to make the bushes look perfect for your showing.

Finally, you will want to get a lawn edger. Not many people realize how this simple tool can elevate your lawn to the next level and make it look perfect for a showing! The lawn is often the first impression people get of your home, and this tool allows you to make it look superb.

Take Care of the Grass

Speaking of lawns, a well-kept lawn is essential to a good house showing. Luckily, you can make your lawn look better in a few simple ways.

The first way to make your lawn look better for your home showing this summer is simply to mow. People typically resonate with a trimmed lawn because it signals that the owner takes good care of it. And if a potential buyer thinks the lawn has been taken good care of, then they are more likely to think that the house has been taken care of as well.

When paired with the simple job of mowing, trimming hedges and edging the lawn can make a yard look stunning to buyers. These simple tricks can set your showing up for success.

So break out that old lawn mower this June 13th, fire up the weed wacker, and get your lawn ready for us to show. The expert realtors at Team Aro are here to help you sell your house. If you have any questions about how to make your house showing even better or how to get started selling your house in Gig Harbor, give us a call! Remember to have a happy National Weed Your Garden Day.