Gig Harbor is one of Washington’s most beautiful cities, and we’re proud to call it home. With a variety of entertainment options and beautiful scenery everywhere you look, it makes sense that the Gig Harbor real estate market is becoming more and more competitive by the day. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at a few of the reasons why now is the ideal time to invest in a waterfront property in Gig Harbor.

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Why You Should Invest in Gig Harbor Real Estate

Home Values

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Gig Harbor real estate market is doing incredibly well. Home values have increased just under 8 percent in the past year alone, and they’re expected to keep increasing in 2019. In fact, some real estate experts expect that home values could increase by as much as 4.6 percent in the next year alone! Purchasing a waterfront home should always be thought of as an investment, and the data suggest that purchasing real estate in Gig Harbor is a smart decision.

Peace & Relaxation

Recall the last time you went somewhere warm and tropical — how did you feel after the trip? We’re willing to bet that you felt relaxed and rejuvenated after the vacation ended, and purchasing a waterfront property can help you add regular peace and relaxation into your life. Whether you enjoy going for long walks across the beach with a loved one or sitting outside and reading in the evenings, you’ll love being able to go outside and take in the fresh air and stunning scenery.

Rental Opportunities

While the majority of Gig Harbor residents own their homes, many people choose to live in different states around the country throughout the year. Perhaps you own a home in the Colorado mountains that you can use for skiing during the winter, or maybe you have a property on the East Coast you live in for the majority of the year. No matter where you live or how often you visit Gig Harbor, you can rent the property out while you’re away to further increase the return on your investment. You can find renters who need the property for several months at a time, or you can do short-term rentals for travelers who need a place to stay.

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